Simple & Transparent Platform Integrations

We provide straightforward, declarative, and completely customizable API wrappers for all major social networks and platforms. Zero styling, maximum flexibility. But, unlike other social sharing tools, we don't retarget and profit from your users. Your data is your data — this is OpenShare.

100% customizable

Whether you're using the JavaScript or declarative data-attribute API, OpenShare comes with no predefined themes or styles. No hacky overrides, no cascade of !important hell, just straight up HTML ready for you to style.

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Native support

Android Intents allow users to complete certain tasks using an installed application, if available. Unfortunately, iOS doesn't provide this feature, so instead, OpenShare can optionally build iOS-specific URL schemes before defaulting to the web.

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Keep your data

You may be surprised to learn the number of script tags that end up on your site when trusting 3rd party tools, especially in the social sharing space. OpenShare will never inject unexpected tags onto your page or retarget your users for profit. Your data is your data.

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Google Analytics

Our brand new Google Analytics / Tag Manager integration brings a whole new level of insight to your projects. These fully-realized integrations speed up social tracking implementations and allow you focus on how your users interface with your applications. What you do with that data is completely up to you.

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